Digital pre-development

Our clients often come to us with the expectation that their digital and mobile concepts are easily translated into winning products, sites, and apps via simple verbal communications.  What’s not often realized and crucial to the success of a digital strategy is the ‘pre-development’ phases, including the research, analysis, and planning – and the strategic recommendations that flow from these analyses.  Engaging in pre-development helps to ensure an app or site will be immersive and engaging to end-users, spawn repeat usage, and provide value back to the organization.

Most digital agencies and developers are not staffed to provide these services nor are they incentivized to so as their core business is mainly focused on building code and delivering products that look amazing.  In this common scenario, little to no business, competitive, financial, and product research and analysis is performed, and the finished product is typically not optimized for its intended purpose and can be a total loss.  This has created a disconnect between the client and developer that can result in expensive and disastrous circumstances.

Venice Consulting fills this gap.  We provide a host of pre-development business analysis and go-to-market advisory services to help ensure there’s a market for your concept, and that you will get the most value from your digital investment – the first time around!